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Personal Update

I realized that I didn’t post for a while so I want to prove I’m still alive.
From last summer I don’t have free time at all and this is getting frustrating because I can’t do anything I like to do … no quilting and sometimes I’m so tired I can’t even read a manga leave alone a book. Good thing I still listen lots of music ♥
And here are the news … we sold the house (purchase agreement in late April and contract signed july 4th) and bought a new one (purchase agreement in May and contract signed july 23rd), and spent every day (still spending actually) in a never ending tour (like Bob Dylan) requesting quotes for supply contract.
I overlook the unavoidable (cough exhausting) bureaucratic part and let’s say that in October we finally started with the needed remodeling.
Since in this moment of my life this is what is sucking all the energy out of me if you’d like to see what’s going on here is the link


Hope you enjoy it … if you have consideration to share I will be happy to listen to them
Usually I update on Sunday.

Thank God I’ve got bronchitis

I know it sounds weird and actually it is … strange enough. The thing is my flu went wild and become a bronchitis so I was forced to take a rest from work and - to some level – family and house chores.
We are still selling our house (which promote me as a full-timer housekeeping) and I still have to be a mumm as well as taxi-driver for my son and daughter so there’s not enough time to quilt at nice peace and that’s were bronchitis made and amazing job! Staying forcibly at home I had few continuous time to finally finish two out of three project I started one year and half ago and one year ago and make impressive progress on a Christmas panel I started last fall.
I’m so proud I’d like to share with all you so please be kind with me (I’m still recovering ^_^).
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Here is my daughter quilt we planned it together, she picked up the fabrics and the bunny ideas is inspired to Miffy (her plush friends bought in Amsterdam) and the Twinkle character in a Japanese Anime that I love. The central part is taken form Reiko Kato book Garden Party (a very inspiring one).
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Here is my new table cloth …
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when we decided to sell our house I wanted to give a nice touch to the kitchen and I did the patchwork top at record time but it was difficult to realize more than one quilt at time. I have continuous visitors at home in order to sell the house and basically I have a fitted wardrobe that I can open and close when I need to sew. One of the problem with our actual flat is that we don’t have enough space, in the long term is annoying to take in and out the quilts you want to end and it enormously slows the working process.  Anyway once I finished Titti’s quilt the table cloth have been super fast.
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Last but not least here is the Christmas project taken from one of Homespun Australia pattern.
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I saw the quilt in Birmingham when I visited the Festival of Quilt and I loved the funny embroidery so I planned a totally different kind of panel using only the designed I was interested in. As you can see I realized a red work machine embroidery version … now I just have to quilt it!
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Hope you like’em I really do and feel tired but very accomplished.
Please take your finger crossed for me to have a complete recovery because in a couple of weeks I should be in London and I really don’t want to miss that: I need a change of skin

Some of us are ready ...

Hello few words to explain my latest post ...
In the last days Milan Curia sent a letter to catholic religion teachers (yes we have them in all our schools) to invite them
to allert the curia about which school have educational programs about homophobia.
Since for some of us is important to have a laic school that welcomes the diversity in any aspect and form there is a
petition on:


to express a different point o view.

In my opinion as italian is important to let the others know that some of us are ready to respect others...

Mi scuso in anticipo con chi la pensa diversamente, ma per me il tema dell'omofobia é importante ed é importante che l'educazione nelle scuole sia laica ... Essere sintetica non é tra i miei pregi quindi non aggiungo altro...

Se non condividete vi prego gentilmente di IGNORARE il messaggio e mi scuso per il disagio arrecato.



sappiate che con l'occasione viene chiesta una donazione che é assolutamente facoltativa potete firmare senza dover donare.

Grazie per l'attenzione,

Back in UK




Today I'd like to share my happiness for the gold medal Italian Ice Skating athletes - Anna Cappellini and Luca Lanotte - got yesterday night, in Budapest, during European Championships.
It's a great achievement for them and for the Italian school that improved a lot in the last ten years.
So I'd like to share my joy with everyone considering that I like this sport for many reasons but the main one is that when you see competitors you can support the one you prefere or the one that comes from your country but there is a great respect for all of them, and sometimes the ones you like to see the most are not even high ranked.
If you'd like to see them here is a link I found out on youtube:

short dance

free dance

Dunderklumpen - Mug Rug Swap

I took part to Dunderklumpen Mug Rug Swap and here is the one I received!

And it matches with my favourite mug !


If you want to see the others please check out here:



Today I feel like sharing few good stuff I read lately.

The first one is Flutter by Momoko Tenzen


The second one si About love illustrated by Tomo Ootake and written by Narise Konohara.


I have to say that this two work are both very delicate the characters are very well described as well as the  interesting stories.
About Flutter I can say that this is my favourite work by Tenzen sensei. In this manga I love the drawings and the style she used. I like the way she describe how difficult it is to adapt ourselves  when things around us change and how blind we can be when we follow some impossible goal hopefully like the Stones say sometime you don’t get what you want  you get what you need so I loved how the characters experiment  the growing of their feelings.
About love have a more original plot: I found very promising the fact that the main character is a wedding planner.  I was captured by the cover and I’m very happy I was because the story is well developed , here the uncertainty of the emotions is deep and the ups and downs of the plot takes you interest in reading. I love this manga even if I’d like to have at least one more chapter at the end  about the following up of the story (I always like that).
One last thing about a fan fiction I had the chance to read lately about the BBC TV show Sherlock here is the link


if you are fan you’ll love it if you are not you can always become one


I really like to go visiting quilting show usually because is a feast for the eyes and you can get a great inspiration for your own works. But sometimes when you step out of an event you feel not only enjoyed but enriched.
Last friday I went to The Festival of Quilt in Birmingham. In the last years I’ve always been in England with my family during the show, but I’ve never been there for lots of reasons, so this time, I decided it was time to go there first before starting our holidays.
For those who are interested here is the report:

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In the end I found myself enriched in experience and diminish in my wallet .  
Hope it will be interesting for you too. ^_^